My Very first Editor Kofi Outlaw, My Very Good Friend Raul and Myself at Comic-Con.

My Very first Editor Kofi Outlaw, My Very Good Friend Raul and Myself at Comic-Con.

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Entertainment Writer

I've been writing in one form or another for over 15 years (with that journalism in media degree) and I am thankful for every second of it. People have told me many times that if you turn your hobby into your career - you'll end up hating your hobby. Well, I try to have a positive outlook on all things and I love both my hobby and my career.

When I was in first grade, I wrote my very first story. It was about a black and white Porsche that went "blasting" down the street. I still have this story, construction paper and all; when I feel discouraged with this industry I pull it out and remember that 5-year-old me was already becoming a creative individual and this is where I belong.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania, close to both NYC and Philadelphia. I have been a lover of film, television, comics, and of course reading since as long as I can remember. Remind me to tell you about my adventures with black and white television.

When I watch something, I become so emotionally involved that I feel as if I am one of the characters. This is the beauty and magic of art. It forces us to feel while at the same time taking our minds on wonderful journeys. We no longer watch TV or movies for entertainment only, we watch for meaning and knowledge as well.

I give most all new movies and television shows a chance, even if other critics have given horrible ratings. Remember that there are many creators behind the scenes, trying to make the best out of something from the first concept storyboard to the final product.

Creatives support other creatives.

My rule of thumb is to enjoy films and television for what it is whether it be a "popcorn flick" or a "deep visceral dive into the meaning of humanity." This doesn't mean I don't have opinions, because I do - BIG ONES. But I also try to find the best in everything.

The current landscape of the entertainment industry is getting riskier by pushing more boundaries than ever before, forcing audiences into passionate conversations about diversity, inclusion, representation, and strong female voices.

I’m here for this.

As I've always suggested; indulge yourself in whatever movies, TV shows, comics, and books you enjoy. We’re all allowed to like what we like, even if it’s Michael Bay’s Transformers Franchise.

I’m a proud member of Legion Of Women Writers, a group dedicated to amplifying the voices of female/NB writers and diligently working to get more women/NB writers hired in media. Last year we raised enough money to rent out a theater in NYC and sent many young girls from Girls Inc. to watch Wonder Woman. We push for diversity, inclusion, people of color, and female voices in the entertainment industry. Instead of tearing her down, offer to fix her crown.

I’m also a host on the DCTV Podcasts network and love to guest on other pods! I’ve held both full-time and freelance positions at various pop culture and entertainment media outlets including Slash Film, Birth. Movies. Death,, Comic Book Resources, Screen Rant, and Screen Junkies.

Before my entertainment writing career I was a boring marketing VP and decided I needed more joy and purpose in my life. So, here I am.

Good Luck getting rid of me now!